Strategic Directions

Mission Statement

The National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund exists to support the implementation of the National Drug Strategy by:

  • creating research which leads to quality evidence-based practice in drug law enforcement;
  • facilitating experimentation and innovation; and
  • enhancing strategic alliances and linkages between law enforcement personnel, human service providers, and research agencies, for the purpose of preventing and reducing the harmful effects of licit and illicit drug use in Australian society.

Terms of Reference

Projects developed and funded by the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund should:

  • facilitate the research, evaluation and review of drug law enforcement as it relates to licit and illicit drugs;
  • assess the impact that the policies and practices of the law enforcement sector and other stakeholders have on each other and on law enforcement and drug harm reduction outcomes,
  • enhance the role of law enforcement and justice personnel in the research, development, piloting and evaluation of innovative licit and illicit drug law enforcement practices; and
  • have a national relevance, potential national applicability and be consistent with the National Drug Strategy.


Projects conducted by the National Drug Law Enforcement Research Fund should be directed towards:

  • the development, promotion and trialling of innovative law enforcement strategies;
  • data collection and evidence-based research which leads to better informed decision-making by law enforcement agencies (seed funding only);
  • the development of resources to assist law enforcement officers in the execution of their current or future roles; and
  • the identification and sponsorship of suitable national law enforcement programs, dependent on satisfactory evaluation, with a view to the implementation and application of research in law enforcement practice.